Traditional Drawing

Traditional drawing using pencil and paper.

  • Starts Jun 24
  • 30 Dolar Brunei
  • Bandar Seri Begawan

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CLASS 4 – ANATOMY IN DEPTH, POSES, PERSPECTIVE & OUTFIT FIT FOR ORIGINALITY Theory: - [20mins] 1. Recap from Class 4 on importance of Anatomy 2. When student get a grasp of anatomy it is easier to pose the characters in any perspective 3. Highlight different mainstream Artist who draw in perspective (Yuumeiart, BNHA Deku, Air Gear, Katanagatari) 4. Poses that your character usually depict and sometimes gives hint of its personality. 5. Highlight different examples of this (Taiga - Toradora, Hinata - Naruto, Kanna - Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, All Might – BNHA, Armstrong – Full Metal Alchemist, Fox Sin Ban – Nanatsu no Taizai) 6. Poses are also used to show an action of movement. (Jojo are you approaching me reference) 7. Outfit importance and how it can gives information of your character’s world setting Practical: -[1hr3min] 1. Anatomy in Depth 1.1. Anatomy in female – (Emphasize curves) 1.2. Anatomy in male – (Emphasize the sharp angles) 1.3. Draw the two side by side without making facial expression 2. Relation of poses to gender and personality without facial expression 2.1. Draw and pose a confident character 2.2. Draw and pose a shy character 2.3. Draw and pose a “cute” character 2.4. Draw and pose a nonchalant character 3. Simple Perspective and Poses 3.1. Draw and pose a happy/estatic character 3.2. Draw a character running forward front view 3.3. Draw and pose a character drinking tea 3.4. Draw and pose a character having a phone call 4. Outfit 4.1. From the exercise above, design their outfit in accordance to:- 4.1.1. Genre (Fantasy, Daily Life, etc); & 4.1.2. Gender

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