Traditional Drawing

Traditional drawing using pencil and paper.

  • Starts Jun 17
  • 30 Dolar Brunei
  • Bandar Seri Begawan

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CLASS 3 – BASIC ANATOMY DRAWING INTRODUCTION, REFERENCES, TRACING & ART BLOCKING IN Theory: - [20mins] 1. Why anatomy knowledge is important. 2. Different kind of body shapes & why it is important. 3. Highlight different Artist with their unique style for Anatomy: (Eiichiro Oda – One Piece, Ryo Akizuki - Kill La Kill, Nakaba Suzuki – Nanatsu No Taizai) 4. Highlight different Artist with same face syndrome Anatomy: (Kawahara Reki – Sword Art Online, KEY Kyoto Animation – CLANNAD, Namori – Yuru Yuri, Etc) 5. What other manga/Anime fall within the two categories? 6. Using blocks theory with body anatomy 7. Difference between child, male and female anatomy Practical: - [1hr3min] 1. Introduction to Anatomy 1.1. Body shape 1.1.1. Shapes in you 1.2. Chest 1.2.1. Male 1.2.2. Female 1.3. Angles 1.3.1. Front 1.3.2. Side 1.3.3. View 3/4 1.4. Lower Torso 1.4.1. Legs 1.4.2. Feet 2. Reference, Tracing and Art Blocking In 2.1. Tracing for Practice 2.1.1. An anatomy reference sheet is provided. 2.1.2. Students are to trace the body anatomy to understand the structure 2.2. Reference religiously 2.2.1. Graduate from tracing to reference 2.2.2. Use the reference sheet place it on the side 2.3. Blocking-In 2.3.1. Without the use of any reference, draw an initial sketch of a basic standing anatomy of a child, male & female. Discuss how all three are different.

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