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Bruneian Premier Mobile Gaming Studio

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About Pixelated

Bringing Bruneian culture to the gaming world.

Brunei's premier creative development company that focuses on mobile development and specialized in gamification.

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Our Games

What have we done?

Pixelated have released a number of games on the iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore.


MOBA - Free

A 2D multiplayer online battle arena where you can team up and engage in a 2v2 or 1v1 battle with a friend or other players.


Casual - Free

Based on one of Bruneian local delicacy, players get to be on the front seat and try their luck to be a successful Nasi Katok entrepreneur.


Horror AR - Free

How brave are you when you are surrounded by those who are not invited? Try to survive the onslaught of the supernatural based on Bruneian folklore in and AR based FPS.

Our very own streamer...

Software Programmer

Our Services

Game Development
App Development
Website Development
IT Consultancy
3D and 2D Creative Development


Trainings We Provide

Traditional Drawing
3D Modeling
Microsoft Excel

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